Reinvest North County #HelpFerguson


Providing immediate relief to small business hurt by the tragedy and to school districts to show their children how important school is.

The purpose of the Reinvest North County Fund is two-fold:  first, to provide relief to small businesses which have been damaged by the unlawful looting and criminal activity occurring during the peaceful demonstrations by a community mourning a young man’s loss of life. It will also provide children in area school districts with the appropriate resources to help them cope during this time of distress.

The fund is meant to assist the community to restore much needed services to the people who call the Ferguson area “home”.  This fund is a cooperative effort between the Regional Business Council (RBC) and North County Regional Development Association (NCRDA).

The Regional Business Council started the fund with a $10,000 donation in the hopes that others would join in and help. Thank you to the kind and generous people who have stepped up since that inaugural donation to show the Ferguson community our support. The Regional Business Council is a St. Louis business organization set up to improve the quality of life in the bi-state St. Louis region. North County Regional Development Association is the 501(c)(3) arm of North County Inc. an economic and community development organization serving the North St. Louis County community.