Protect Seals #sealhunt


Please help The Humane Society of the United States save baby seals by exposing the senseless Canadian seal slaughter.

Our Protect Seals team is currently flying over the ice floes off of eastern Canada, bearing witness to the tragic slaughter of seals—all so their fur can be used for fashion. Every year, tens of thousands of seals, most under 3 months old, are clubbed, shot, and stabbed by Canadian fishermen. Today, the hunt is well underway and we need your help to save the babies.

Your support makes it possible for our team to document the shocking cruelty so we can close global markets for seal fur and pressure Canadian officials to halt the massacre. The sealing industry is teetering—we can end this, once and for all. 

If you make a special donation today, it will be doubled up to $250,000 thanks to an incredible matching gift by the McGrath Foundation. This means your donation will be twice as effective in our campaign to save baby seals.

Please make an emergency donation today to save seals from slaughter. Thank you for your support!